Capture everything on web

After just a 1-minute installation, square metrics automatically captures every user interaction with no extra code. This includes clicks, form submissions, and page views. You're no longer limited by events you thought to define upfront.

Track custom events

If there's an event that square metrics doesn't automatically capture, simply call sm.track in your web code. This lets you generate custom events with any number of arbitrary properties on which you can later slice n' dice. Hopefully, you'll only need to use it rarely.

Identify your users

Understand your users in-depth by using square metrics to assign custom properties that persist across sessions. You can even tie mobile and web sessions together into a single user identity. Tag a user with an email address, payment plan, total revenue, age, or anything else you need to measure.
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Real-time insights

Every report in square metrics is real-time, so you don't need to wait hours or days for insights. Dig through the List view to understand what users are doing in your app right now, or generate graphs that reflect up-to-the-second usage.

Direct data access

If you need to run offline analysis on your underlying clickstream data in square metrics, or you'd like to use your own visualization tools, we offer powerful data export capabilities. Available as part of our Enterprise plan.

Zero performance overhead

Square metrics was designed to incur virtually zero performance and network overhead in your app. Our script is minuscule - only 25% the size of Google Analytics' script. We maintain a rigorous testing framework on all modern browsers, including IE6+. Square metrics powers insights for some of the most highly-trafficked websites and mobile apps in the world.
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